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Make A Great First Impression

Reach out to your customers, colleagues, and even your friends, all on chat.

Multi-Channel Outreach - FlockSend

Multi-Channel Outreach

Custom. Personal. Meaningful. Reach out and start a conversation with targeted and personalized campaigns to nurture a long lasting customer relationship.

Foster Long Lasting Customer Relationships

Custom chatbots to suit you and your customer needs.

Customer Support Chatbot - FlockSend


With our custom chatbots, engage with your customers 24/7 to convert prospective leads into loyal customers and nurture a long lasting customer relationship. Our multilingual chatbots make sure that no customer is left behind.

Learn And Refine

Business insights to target customers better.

With analytics on every interaction in your customers service lifecycle, you can gain insight into customers preferences and habits to predict and refine all your future customers interactions.

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The Right People Make All The Difference

Find relevant and targeted leads.

Lead Generation - FlockSend

Lead Generation

Reach out to people who really care about what you have to offer. With Leadr ensure sure-shot conversions with relevant and localized leads.

Lead Generation - FlockSend

CRM Integration

We Integrate Well With All Your Favourite CRMs.

Chat Analytics - FlockSend

All Our Products Integrate Seamlessly To Your Existing Setup!

Customer Outreach - FlockSend

A purpose built-platform to reach your customer on all major platforms

Multi-Channel Outreach

Customer Support - FlockSend
Customer Support

Help you provide 24/7 support and service to your customers

Chatbot Support

Chat Analytics - FlockSend

Raw data, insights and trends on all your customer interactions


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