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Customisable Script

Create your very own custom chatbot with a script that best suits you and your customer needs. Let the bot handle repetitive customer queries so that you only step in to handle, and convert, meaningful leads.

Send Media and Files in a Chat - FlockSend

Our Chatbots our multilingual! They recognise user input and respond in the same language as the customer. You only need to create one script and leave the rest to us!

Send Messages - FlockSend
Seamless Integration

We can seamlessly integrate to your existing CRM as well numerous leading platforms such as Google Sheets, Freshdesk and many more.

Personalized Messages - FlockSend
Voice to Text

Voice is the Future. With our voice to text feature your customers will enjoy a richer and more natural experience every time they interact with your brand.

Versatile, Adaptable, Agile

Our Chatbots can be customized to do a whole range of things from taking bookings/reservations to being the front line of your customer service and support.

Here's why our customers choose us

Flocksend - Ease of Access
Ease of Access

There's a large shift away from SMS and Emails as the primary form of communication. Delight your customers with a Chat Bot.

Flocksend - Personalized Scripts
Personalized Scripts

Although it's a bot, it's incredibly smart and personalized to both you, and your end customer.

Flocksend -  Wonderful Experience
Wonderful Experience

Trying is believing. With incredibly quick response times and speeds, your customers will be delighted.