Healthcare, Customer Care


Improving access to healthcare services starts with opening up channels of access. A health services provider was looking to expand the customer support options to make it easier for the end user access to preventative health care services.



Deep Social Media

In a human context, there is physical health, and mental health. External, and internal.

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Increasing Physical Store Check-Ins And Generating Leads

One of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world was looking to create buzz and boost in store...

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Expanding Coverage And Building Partner Base

A well-known food delivery app was looking to streamline, centralise and cut costs on their expansion strategy...

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Trading Updates And News

A few years ago, the zeitgeist was an imminent disruption in the BFSI space. Traditional products from banks, are being...

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Pre Election Survey

The government of Sri Lanka wanted a deeper insight into their voter population, in preparation...

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Election Oversight

The government of a South Indian state needed a platform for quick, effective communication between booth level monitors and higher level coordinators on voting day.

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Accountability In Governance

A Cabinet Minister in the government of a South Indian state was looking for ways to...

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