Frequently Asked Questions

Find below a list of frequently asked questions to get you up
and running on FlockSend.

Payment and Plans

Q. How does the ‘Pay As You Go’ method of buying credits work?

A. In the Pay As You Go method you are only required to pay for as many credits as you would like. The more credits you purchase the lower the price for each credit.

Q. Is there any validity on the credits you purchase through the pay as you go method?

A. Your credits will expire after 90 days from the day of purchase. However, if you purchase more credits within these 90 days then the expiry date gets extended to 90 days after the proceeding purchase.

Q. In the subscription model, does the monthly plan start on the 1st of every month?

A. The monthly subscription starts on the day that you purchase the plan and continues till the same date in the proceeding month.

Q. Do you take international payments in currencies other than INR?

A. Yes, currently we accept international payments through PayPal. Please get in touch with us at to know more about purchasing a plan through PayPal.

Web Portal

Q. What is FlockConnect?

A. FlockConnect is our outreach platform where you can send out automated and personalized messages over chat to you entire customer base.

Q. What is FlockListen?

A. FlockListen is our analytics app that helps you to gain key business insights into all your customer conversations. Flocklisten shows you analytics


Q. How do I upload my list of contacts on the portal?

A. Go to the lists tab in FlockConnect. Click on ‘UPLOAD’ to add your list of contacts. FlockConnect>Lists>Upload.

Q. Where do I add the country code of a particular list or number?

A. There are 2 reasons why you are not able to add your list

a. The format of the file needs to be .xlsx/.csv file. You can download the sample format from the ‘UPLOAD LIST’ box.

b. There are more than 5000 contacts on a single upload sheet.

Q. Can I add more contacts to a list that is already uploaded?

A. Yes, just click on the ‘+’ icon on the top right hand side of the List Contacts box. Add the relevant contact name, number (mandatory field), other variables and click submit. The Contact with its information will automatically appear in the List Values under that List.

Q. How do I create a Campaign?

A. Go to the Campaigns tab in FlockConnect. Click on ‘CREATE CAMPAIGN’. You can then fill out all the relevant details to create your campaign.

Q. My Campaign is not sending even though I have clicked ‘RUN’.

A. There are multiple reasons why your campaign may not be running’

a. Your internet connection is not reliable.

b. You are not logged into the FlockSend Plugin.

c. You are not on the web whatsapp page when the campaign is sending.

d. You have uploaded the list of contacts in an incorrect format.

e. The phone numbers are in the wrong field in .csv/.xlsx file. Make sure that the contact numbers are always in the second column in the uploaded file.

Q. How can I send out personalised messages?

A. While creating campaigns, just select relevant variables that are situated as buttons below the text box.

   For instance if you are addressing the message to your customers and you would like to add their names, you can just click on ‘NAME’ wherever you would like to insert it in your text.

Q. What is the file size limit for sending an image/video/PDFs in a campaign?

A. The maximum limit for sending an image/video/PDFs in a campaign is 3 MB.

Q. Can I run my campaigns using your APIs?

A. Yes, you can find our API documentation here. You can use the unique authentication key assigned to you, to run your campaigns with our API.


Q. How can I set up analytics on all the campaigns I send out?

A. Follow the steps below to set-up analytics on all your conversations:

1. Download and install FlockListen from playstore on the phone/s that you are using to send out your WA campaigns.

2. Login to your FL account with your FlockSend credentials. Make sure this application is always running in the background to listen and record all data.

3. You can now go to our analytics panel and to see how your campaigns’ performance.

Q. Where can I view analytics on all my campaigns?

A. Login to your account and go to FlockListen on the menu bar. Under FlockListen you can go to overview to view conversations with every participant in your campaign.

Q. Why is the web portal not recording data even though I have installed FlockListen on my phone?

A. FlockListen might not be running on your phone due the following reasons:

a. You have closed the application in your phone. After you have logged into the FlockListen application, please make sure that the application is always running in the background. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT for our application to listen and record data on all your chat conversations.

b. Our application’s ability to listen and record data relies on multiple factors like internet connection and phone settings. So check to make sure you have a reliable internet connection and that you have granted Notification Access to FlockListen. You can find ‘Notification Access’ in your phone settings. After checking these settings please log out and login to the application again.

Login And Support

Q. Can I try the product before purchasing a plan?

A. Yes, just go to and click on ‘START FREE TRIAL’ to sign up for a free account with FlockSend. As part of the free account you will get 1000 free credits to send out test messages.

Q. I have forgotten my password. How can I recover it?

A. Go and click on Sign In, you will notice a ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ link on the sign in form. Click on the link and fill in the email used to sign up on FlockSend. You will be sent a recovery link in your email to reset your password.

Q. Where can I chat with someone to understand more about the product and how I can use it?

A. You can drop us a mail at and get in touch with us for any queries/problems.