Flocksend - Ease of Access
One Number, Many Agents

Connect a single number to multiple human agents just as you would a phone number in a call centre.

Flocksend - Personalized Scripts
Customer CRMs

Pull up information on a Customer based on their phone number when they message in. All their chat history is recorded and displayed.

Flocksend -  Wonderful Experience
Bot To Human Handover

Integrate with a Chatbot and handover to a human only when necessary. Saving you time and cost.

Flocksend - Ease of Access
Media Integration

Leverage the existing multi media infrastructure offered by chat app for your customers. If they want to share images and videos of an issue - they can!

Flocksend - Personalized Scripts
Swift and Simple Deployment

Our solution can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Scalable to thousands of numbers and agents simultaneously.

Flocksend - Personalized Scripts

With our analytics panel, gain key business insights into all your conversations, so that your agents can learn and respond better to your customers!

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